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Crafted from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth, Mulberry Silk is second to none. At Ajirah, we cherish this fabric for its ability to retain moisture and protect our hair's cuticle layer.

Protection from Root to Tip

Unlike traditional cotton, silk fabrics prevent damage and tangling by resisting friction, preventing static-buildup, and regulating temperatures amidst extreme weather conditions. But the benefits don't stop there—your skin will thank you when the edges of your scarf no longer irritate your hairline or the ocassional breakout of acne.

When headscarves are a daily staple of your wardrobe, selecting pieces that speak to your fashion sense and prioritize your hair health is a must!

this way to silky hair

Soft Beyond Belief

No matter the ocassion or weather conditions, AJIRAH is helping the modest, modern woman discover a softer head of hair and a more elegant style of coverage with the most chic scarf on the market.

The Modest Way

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